The Grounds

Something beautiful awaits you year round here at the Phillips Motel. We invite you to come relax and enjoy our lush grounds. Whether you prefer to embark on a walking tour of the grounds or choose to admire the scenery from the gazebo or one of our many benches, there is always something blooming to admire. In the spring time here at the Phillips Motel is the annual blooming of the Ornamental Cherry, Crabapple, and Bradford Pear trees. Visitors will find themselves enveloped by a sea of pink and white petals from these beautiful trees. In the summertime our guests are treated to the blooming of the thousands of annual and perennial flowers planted on the grounds. Come take a walk through our elegant gardens of Black Eyed Susans and Russian Sage. Also take a moment to admire the many window boxes and hanging floral arrangements which grace the property. Guests in the fall enjoy the spectacular colors of the season which the October Glory Maple trees provide. During the winter season, a light blanket of snow is the perfect backdrop to our elaborate Holiday display and decorations. Year round, guests delight in seeing Hazel the topiary cow who resides here. Along with Hazel, Iris the cat is always nearby to greet guests.